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Well, here we go. I’m not going to pretend I’m not totally new to all this blogging business. I can read a blog and I’ve been ‘practicing’ with Twitter. Let’s see what I can do with more than 140 characters.

At the beginning of each yoga class we take a minute to ‘set an intention’ for the class. Of course, this is individual and different every day.  So I’m going to set my intention now for this blog, keeping in mind that it may change as my plans, circumstances & events change. I have decided that I want to start selling the jewelry that I make. This blog is my first foray onto the Internet with this purpose. At some point I’d like to have a functional website with gorgeous pictures & a shopping cart & whatever else I need. Since, like I mentioned earlier, I’m new to this whole blogging, selling my work, website thing, I’ll start here. I’ll start here with a plan to grow and improve my skills.  Plus, I still have a lot to figure out about getting pictures taken, pricing, inventory issues, etc. So this blog space is also my way of keeping myself committed & accountable. Or to find out exactly how committed I am to to my great idea.

Be on the look out for pictures and the tales of getting this business going. That is today’s intention. And, well, here we go!


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