If you ever shop at lululemon, you are familiar with their manifesto, which is emblazoned on their shopping bags. Every now and then, (especially right now as I’m using one of their totes to cart my ‘business’ stuff around) one of the tenets pops out at me and really seems to define what I have going on. The reminders to drink more water & practice more yoga always ring true, but right now, as I plan and work on this Studio 219 project the one that screams at me everyday is, ‘do one thing a day that scares you.’

These days I’m averaging 25 things a day that make me nervous and that’s just the stuff I’m thinking about. When I went to the courthouse to file my DBA, faxed in my application for a sales tax ID number, when I ordered business cards: scared. The scariest thing had to be saying out loud: I want to sell this jewelry I make. I whispered it to myself in the mirror. I mentioned it to my kids. I said it in passing to my mother. I remind myself before I fall asleep at night (or during the day if it’s naptime, whatever). What is so scary about it to me is that I have committed myself to the idea that someone might want a bracelet or pair of earrings that I make. I stubbornly cling to the belief that if I can make it, it must not be that hard, so everyone else can, so why would someone want me to do this for them…do you see this self-defeating cycle? It goes on forever, trust me. I think it is more of a self-defeating spiral, but I digress. That is the scary thing for me: to decide I’m going to break that cycle of thought and go ahead and believe that there are people (not just my Mother, though, God love her, she’s my biggest fan) that would love to wear a piece of my jewelry.

And here’s the thing, even though it’s a scary prospect to put these creations out there and imply, do you like them?, I’m loving it! I’m really enjoying this process. I’m figuring out what I can do, what I have time to learn, what will have to wait and I get to make lots of lists. I *love* lists! Things that I thought were scary, end up being fun, or let’s be honest here, at the very least a valuable learning experience. And I get those little leaps of excitement in my stomach, like butterflies or mild nausea (your choice) when I see things like my DBA or my business cards (they really are lovely). And check this out, if you go here, the link that gets you back to this place & the link that lets you send me an e-mail, get this, *I* wrote those two tiny bits of HTML code! My first ever! The scariest thing was the decision to give this jewelry thing a go, so every day as I plan and make stuff and do little scary things, I’m making the big scary thing happen with the intention that someone else will benefit and enjoy one of my pieces.cards


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Thanks to Roland at DAOS Business Services for making my business card dreams come true. Thanks to Bill for the (great) first order that I will be able to collect sales tax on (see how crazy I am about this, I can’t wait to pay taxes!?). Thanks to JoAnna of Vidriosa Glassworks and Joe of Joe Natural for taking time away from your business to chat with me last weekend at the Panther Creek Fall Arts & Crafts Festival