I’m working on them. I promise. A friend was going to help me tomorrow, but things come up and he’s now unavailable. But since everyone keeps asking about pictures and I know (I really do) that they are my number one priority now…I am keeping the ‘appointment’ on my calendar and at 11:30 tomorrow morning, I will be taking pictures. I promise. Call me, e-mail me, text me, try to get in touch with me however you want at 11:30 am tomorrow and I will tell you I’m to busy to talk, I’m taking pictures of my jewelry. I hope Photoshop has a magic wand feature to magically correct my lack of picture taking ability.  I’m going to start the tumbler right now so everything will be shiny & pretty.  I just joined Flickr, so it is my understanding that the link to the pictures will be there to your left, if it doesn’t work I’ll figure out something. I promise pictures will be here soon.

Thank you so much to everyone that has asked about acquiring a piece from me.  For now, just ask me. if you know what you want, let me know and we’ll work out the details. If not, as I mentioned above, the pictures will be here soon or if you are near me I can bring my arm (where I keep most of my samples) and all the other samples to you. Call some friends, open a bottle of wine or water or Champagne (my personal favorite for shopping, you know me and Mariah Carey) and we can chat and shop. So keep in touch…it’s all moving forward.