studio-before1table-beforeThere’s not really a lot to be said about these photos.  Obviously, things were getting out of hand. So I took a few days to get a handle on where I’m going to be doing my work. We couldn’t eat at the dinner table because it was over run with tools & papers & miscellaneous c-r-a-p. I couldn’t work anywhere else, or put things away because the ‘studio’ was clearly never fully unpacked and was serving as some sort of purgatory for my books & tools & miscellaneous c-r-a-p. Everything needed to find a home, a place to go, a landing spot. Clearly, the organizational method of just-leave-it-where-you-drop-it couldn’t last forever. Now I have an organized place to go, I know where to find things & I can get back to the business of making things. Yay! Off to work…studio-aftertable-after