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Time to send out 2008 and set our sights on 2009.  In honor of this goodbye/hello, I’ll be offering 10% off all purchases made on December 31st and January 1st . Let’s bid 2008 farewell in style and welcome 2009 with  just a bit more shine and beauty.

This is also the perfect opportunity for me to thank all of you for your love, support, well wishes, and kind words. I am so thankful and grateful for each of you as I have started this little business I call Studio 219. Keeping with the 2008/2009 theme, I should say that since I got serious about selling my jewelry only in October of this year, I am thrilled and astounded with the response to my work (& the huge leap in my technical knowledge). And I’ve got some new designs I’m working on for next year (spoiler: some necklaces and a line of mother’s bracelets, among other things), so 2009 will be full-steam ahead! Thanks again for everything.  I look forward to continuing to chat,e-mail, Tweet, blog comment & talk with you in the coming year!

I’m also just think it would be a good omen to close the year selling a little piece of pretty and start the new year selling a hunk of gorgeous. Seems like an excellent way to set the tone for what I want for the coming year to look like. Think about it and then…

Visit the gallery and just drop me an e-mail and I’ll take 10% off your order to celebrate our successes in 2008 (if you order on 12.31.08) or in anticipation of  great things for 2009 (if you order on 1.1.09)

Happy New Year!


I’ve added two new pairs of earring to The Gallery today.  In case you’ve forgotten or are new to Studio 219 (Welcome! Thanks for stopping by!), you will see the link to the gallery over to your left. Have a look, browse, enjoy & let me know what you think.

I’ve had these ready for a bit, but couldn’t share them with you sooner since they were Mom’s Christmas gift & I didn’t want to spoil the surprise.

Here’s a preview of the new additions:Heath Earrings Pearl Earrings

Be on the look out for a post later today about my New Year’s special…

I’ve had a lot of questions about where the 219 in Studio 219 came from. Lots of you know that it’s not my birthday (August 19th), so why on earth 219? Well, I had originally thought I would use 819 as in Studio 819…but it just doesn’t *sound* right. The ending ‘o’ smashes right into the ‘ei’-ght and it just runs altogether and doesn’t feel or sound right. So I thought and thought and doodled and said names over & over. I wasn’t dying to use my name because very rarely is it spelled correctly. Any of them: Cara, Ellison, Halbirt. So as much as I *love* my name, it just didn’t make sense. Especially, when in this day & age you have to consider your Googleability. I tried to think of a name that was like a title or more explicitly said what this little business does but I was terrified of cutesy. And with good reason…keep reading: I will admit at a low point in the brainstorming process I came up with….dare I say it….CaraMaille. (Wow, that was embarrassing and now it’s out there)  I mean just because the weaves in most of my jewelry is from chainmaille designs, there is just no reason to go there.  I just kept coming back to the Studio 819. So I auditioned other numbers and liked the 219 the best.  So I’ve come up with a list of reasons to justify that number: it’s my half-birthday, I have 2 children, the 19 is my birthdate…

It should also be noted that I have always been a fan of the half-birthday. I just like having an extra day to note my entrance into the world. Like retail treats Labor Day (I thought it used to be around Halloween but, those days are long gone) as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, I treat my half-birthday as the opening of the Cara shopping season and the clock starts ticking. Tick-tock, six more months until Cara’s birthday, start getting your lists in order & do not wait until the last minute. You know, that sort of thing 😉 One day the half-birthday will be a  part of Studio 219; I have some ideas percolating but the infrastructure is nowhere near ready to do what I have in mind….something  for the future!

So, there it is, the not-so-exciting story of why I chose Studio 219 as the name for my business. But now you know!

Seriously, I could just weep with joy. Right now it might not seem like such a big deal because the post I’ve linked to is directly below this one. However, what I have finally accomplished is a link to a gallery page. To your left there is a place where you can click on ‘The Gallery’ and it will…TAKE YOU TO THE GALLERY!!!! And there you can see pictures & pricing!!!! Typically, I’m not a fan of the all caps and extraneous punctuation (or Z’s were S’s should be, but I digress). However, since I just finished getting the gallery together and the link working, well, I’m still a little giddy and punctuation happy. So go check it out. You can be anywhere on the blog, hit the link and instantly be connected to the pictures. Now, if anyone discovers a problem, please let me know ASAP so I can fix it. Thanks a bunch.

On another note, if you are interested in ordering anything (that you see in THE GALLERY [!!!!!]) or custom work, please get in contact with me as soon as possible. In order to get an order in with my supplier I need to get a ring count, so to speak by Friday, December 12th. That should ensure that I can get the rings I need and get your order to you in time for the holidays. (still amped about The Gallery!) So just drop me an e-mail and we’ll get you taken care of.

One last thing…I’m working on setting up a shop on Artfire. My shop will be at Since I’m on a roll with all this picture uploading, it maybe up and going sooner than I think. I’ll keep everyone updated and if I were you, I’d look for a link over to the left 😉

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Finally.  Here’s a look at the earrings I’m offering right now.  Keep in mind this is not a fixed list. Where you see a black Onyx bead it could easily be a Bali bead or a wooden bead or whatever you want (and that I can get my hands on).  If you’re wanting the pearl earrings in all black or pink & white, let me know and we’ll come up with earrings  you’ll love to wear.  And of course, I hope to be adding new styles or showing different options every now and then. 

Some of the earrings are shown with out earring wires, this was done to make taking the pictures easier. (Obviously, I can’t send out earrings without a way for them to attach [for lack of a better word] to your ears.) The earrings would lay flatter (if that makes sense) and take a prettier picture. Also the earrings in this gallery are shown with a french wire. Now when I make them they will have a lever back. The lever backs earrings are more secure than the french wire earrings since they ‘clip’ closed.

So have a look around and let me know what you think.  Want a little something for your sister or friend or mom or neighbor or your child’s teacher or a stocking stuffer for yourself? E-mail me. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Well, Thanksgiving is over now. All the turkey has been eaten and packed away for leftovers. It is now officially the Christmas shopping/decorating/celebrating season. This year in our house, we were inspired to start a new tradition. Last Wednesday I started seeing tweets (Twitter posts) about Tweetsgiving. I looked into it and was instantly intrigued. The idea was to raise $10,000 in 48 hours to add a classroom on to a school in Tanzania. Ten dollars bought one brick: 1000 bricks=new classroom. The money was raised before noon on Thursday and all the additional donations were allocated to the new library that is also needed at the school.  I immediately sold the kids on the idea that for only $30 ($10 for each of us) we would be donating some*thing*, literally, a concrete thing. It was easy for them to see how their dollars could help someone else, even all the way around the world.  We were especially touched by Glory’s story. Realizing how one shoe could keep a child from going to school really hit home with my daughter. We often have ‘discussions’ in the mornings about which shoes to wear, which ones feel funny, is it a P.E. day, do I have to wear tennis shoes or can I wear my Crocs, ad nauseaum or ad put-some-shoes-on-or-you’ll-be-sorry-ium. Lots of words about shoes, yet we then pile into the car and she is chauffeured to school, walked in by her mother to start her school day. Carol Anne could really start to see her privilege. I felt it was a good way for them to see that charitable donations have a destination. So anyways, a new tradition was born.

We have decided that each month we will donate our small amount to a cause. It will be a cause/organization that the kids can grasp the concept and *see* where their money goes. I’m planning for us to keep a journal of each donation & maybe have the kids draw a picture or something about the donation or where it’s going or who they think it will be helping. December is clearly an easy time to get this going. We have a short list of charities to investigate. Ideally, I would prefer that we deal with smaller, more grassroots-type organizations. Though regardless of the size of the organization, I want the donation to have a tangible purpose, i.e. the bricks, a group of chicks, to a fund to teach something. I’d prefer the donations not just go into some sort of amorphous general fund. In the coming months we’re going to consider: The Kokua Hawaii Foundation, The Pangea Network, & Microplace. Of course, Epic Change will probably be a default if we can’t decide on something new. Carol Anne would really like to send a copy of The Princess & The Pea to Mama Lucy’s school…

So this is going to be our small foray into the world of charitable giving. The amount is small but manageable. If we want to increase it one month it’ll will be a treat, but otherwise it’s a number we can live with month after month.  It is my hope that the kids will grow to be more appreciative of the bounty that they already have and enjoy finding ways to share.  I don’t want to make predictions or layer this adventure with expectation about where this may lead, but rather start the journey with our $30 challenge and see where it takes us.

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