Finally.  Here’s a look at the earrings I’m offering right now.  Keep in mind this is not a fixed list. Where you see a black Onyx bead it could easily be a Bali bead or a wooden bead or whatever you want (and that I can get my hands on).  If you’re wanting the pearl earrings in all black or pink & white, let me know and we’ll come up with earrings  you’ll love to wear.  And of course, I hope to be adding new styles or showing different options every now and then. 

Some of the earrings are shown with out earring wires, this was done to make taking the pictures easier. (Obviously, I can’t send out earrings without a way for them to attach [for lack of a better word] to your ears.) The earrings would lay flatter (if that makes sense) and take a prettier picture. Also the earrings in this gallery are shown with a french wire. Now when I make them they will have a lever back. The lever backs earrings are more secure than the french wire earrings since they ‘clip’ closed.

So have a look around and let me know what you think.  Want a little something for your sister or friend or mom or neighbor or your child’s teacher or a stocking stuffer for yourself? E-mail me. Looking forward to hearing from you!