I’ve had a lot of questions about where the 219 in Studio 219 came from. Lots of you know that it’s not my birthday (August 19th), so why on earth 219? Well, I had originally thought I would use 819 as in Studio 819…but it just doesn’t *sound* right. The ending ‘o’ smashes right into the ‘ei’-ght and it just runs altogether and doesn’t feel or sound right. So I thought and thought and doodled and said names over & over. I wasn’t dying to use my name because very rarely is it spelled correctly. Any of them: Cara, Ellison, Halbirt. So as much as I *love* my name, it just didn’t make sense. Especially, when in this day & age you have to consider your Googleability. I tried to think of a name that was like a title or more explicitly said what this little business does but I was terrified of cutesy. And with good reason…keep reading: I will admit at a low point in the brainstorming process I came up with….dare I say it….CaraMaille. (Wow, that was embarrassing and now it’s out there)  I mean just because the weaves in most of my jewelry is from chainmaille designs, there is just no reason to go there.  I just kept coming back to the Studio 819. So I auditioned other numbers and liked the 219 the best.  So I’ve come up with a list of reasons to justify that number: it’s my half-birthday, I have 2 children, the 19 is my birthdate…

It should also be noted that I have always been a fan of the half-birthday. I just like having an extra day to note my entrance into the world. Like retail treats Labor Day (I thought it used to be around Halloween but, those days are long gone) as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, I treat my half-birthday as the opening of the Cara shopping season and the clock starts ticking. Tick-tock, six more months until Cara’s birthday, start getting your lists in order & do not wait until the last minute. You know, that sort of thing 😉 One day the half-birthday will be a  part of Studio 219; I have some ideas percolating but the infrastructure is nowhere near ready to do what I have in mind….something  for the future!

So, there it is, the not-so-exciting story of why I chose Studio 219 as the name for my business. But now you know!