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My  blog has been bugging me lately. It clearly needs to be updated more than once a month. That in & of itself was causing me to overthink, overanalyze and over-just-not-do-anything. So I’m breaking my fast with the silly, irrelevant 25 random things note that has made the Facebook rounds. Effectively killing two birds with one stone: quieting my friends on Facebook that have nothing better to do than wonder about me (tag me again & you will suffer) and make me address my blog again (even if I apparently show it no respect).

1. Salmonella be damned, I *heart* peanut butter.

2. Not a fan of chocolate. Unless it is wrapping its smooth arms around peanut butter.

3. I’ve felt virtuous since I started putting spinach on my sandwiches instead of plain ol’ iceberg lettuce.

4. I vary rarely deviate from red nail polish when getting a pedicure. When I do, I find myself counting the days until it is acceptable to go get another pedicure (10-14 days, in case you’re wondering).

5. That being said, I have a collection of red nail polishes that are mere shades apart in hue, yet seasons apart in wearbility.

6. I don’t believe in the yellow Ferrari or his cousin the yellow Lotus. If you are going to spend six figures on something the color of a school bus or sandwich condiment, I can’t see you.

7.  I happen to know that the word avocado has it’s roots in the Aztec word for testicle. And as also been referred to as the alligator pear. Enjoy your guacamole.

8. I don’t believe there is anything natural about High Fructose Corn Syrup. Suck it, Corn Refiners Association.

9. Social settings sometimes make me nervous. If I’m not talking, I’m deciding when a good time to join in is. I’d hate to underwhelm you.

10. I’m on a life-long quest to find the perfect fountain pen.

11. I *love* to get mail.

12. I’d love to organize or take part in some sort of postcard sending and/or handwritten letter exchange.  Seriously, don’t you love to see your name handwritten on an envelope?

13. Sometimes wish I was a librarian. Just to get my book, organizing and research fix.

14. I  do not like Dave Matthews, coffee or Jim Carrey.

15. I do like Matt Costa, vanilla rooibos lattes & The Kids in the Hall.

16. I  think napping is a worthwhile activitiy, even, maybe especially, for those over the age of 3.

17. Love these flowers: poppies, anemones & peonies.

18. I’m suspicious of the aging process. If yoga doesn’t help, I hope I realize it before the surgery options are off the table.  Well, not really. I just plan to be over my suspicions by then.

19. My half-birthday is February 19th.

20. The butter sugar sandwich is the only reason white bread should exist. Though I can’t remember the last time I actually ate this tasty sandwich, it lives in nostalgia for me. My sister & I swear my Dad would make these for us when Mom wasn’t around. Then we would secretly make them in the middle of the night, only to be busted in the morning when Mom stepped in the tell-tale sugar dunes we left on the kitchen floor. Good times.

21. I love, love, love Clinique’s Black Honey. The correct nomenclature is Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. See technically, I don’t put lipstick, per say, on before yoga. It’s *almost* lipstick. (I am convinced it is the *only* universally flattering lipstick shade out there. I don’t care what the magazines try to sell you.)

22. I’m not good at keeping plants alive.  My children don’t know how lucky they are to have made it to 7 & 4.5.

23. When I like something, music, food,etc. I want it over & over until I’m tired of it or go back to one of my old favorites. See: Chipotle, Old 97’s

24.  I re-read books. Sometimes I devote the whole summer to visiting old favorites: Gone With the Wind, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, the Harry Potter series (hope to get the kids in on this one soon), The Outsiders, etc. It is interesting to me that when I was 16 I loved Scarlett O’Hara; in my twenties, she was okay but her selfishness grated, now I love Melanie.

25. I don’t like movie adaptations of books. My imagination is fine, thank you.  I’ll decide how the characters look & sounds and what places, like the inside of houses, look like. If I like a book, it is highly unlikely I will watch the movie, so don’t even ask.

(Did my blog just jump the shark? Is the blog/facebook tie-in like the Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice crossover? ‘Cause I totally ignored that.)

Now, back to deciding how to best describe the bracelets I make from old wedding rings (first one I made was for my Mom with her Dad’s ring) and to figuring out how to explain my version of  the mother’s bracelet (so you have to have one).  And to working on the bracelet for Lend4Health.  And to deciding if I’m going to subject y’all to a weekly series based on my personal boycotts. (And that’s just what I came up with without consulting my to-do lists.) See,  I really *do* have work to do.


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