Since it’s March & I’m clearly running a bit behind I thought I’d just combine January & February to streamline things.


We had big plans for this month’s challenge. Then I found out it’s a bad idea to mess with bees when they are cold. Had no idea. Good information to have on file, though. So the original plan for January has been moved to March or April. I’ll save the details for then. It”s going to be a fun one. Stay tuned..

So that being said, we had to change gears quickly once we found out our plans had to be scratched. So we decided to go ahead and finish up what we started back in November with Tweetsgiving and Epic Change.  Turns out our timing couldn’t have been more perfect. As we were deciding what to do with our $30 this month I saw a tweet about  some test results at Mama Lucy’s school. As it turns out the school placed #1 out of 117 schools in their district on their national exams! (you can read all about it here) Carol Anne felt it would be great to celebrate by buying books for the school’s library. Originally, she wanted to send a copy of The Princess and the Pea and Patrick was dead-set on a book about cars. However, faced with all the choices at Borders (seriously, I think almost every children’s book in the store was considered as a choice) changes were made and another old favorite made the cut. Patrick went with a book all about the Arctic and Antarctica. Carol Anne couldn’t resist Kevin Henkes’ Chrysanthemum (one that has been read over & over at bedtime around this house) . I picked out a read-aloud version of Stuart Little and we all decided on a copy of Mercer Mayer’s I Was So Mad. So once we get the logistics figured out, four new books will be on their way to Tanzania along with love and good wishes from Texas.


Carol Anne turned seven this month (don’t get me started!). So as per the rules of the $30 Challenge, it was her choice as to where we donated our little sum. We went local and global and had a small field trip. She chose The Pangea Network Local: headquartered in The Woodlands. Global: Their mission is to support women economically & socially in Kenya & the Holy Land. Field trip: the Pangea Network offices are located down the hall from my yoga studio. So in between yoga & lunch, the kids & I met with Nicole Minor.  Nicole is the Executive Director of The Pangea Network  and one of the greatest women around. Nicki took time to explain to the kids how microloans work, why women especially need economic support in developing countries. She & Carol Anne discussed the different ways a woman might so to help support her family. The kids also got to look at some of the incredible pictures Nicki has taken on her travels. They were especially taken with the handmade soccer balls & the dirt floors in the homes. I made sure they took a minute to check out the map of Africa,so we could get a visual idea of where these people are. Nicki was kind enough to share a handcrafted necklace with Carol Anne & a beaded keychain with Patrick. The kids are looking forward to visiting with Nicki again soon once she returns from her current trip to the Holy Land & Kenya.

We’ve got four months behind us in our $30 challenge.  The kids, especially Carol Anne, are really enjoying it & on the look out for new opportunities. The March project has been in the planning stages since December. At the beginning of our challenge, I said I didn’t want to dictate the path of the project. But here’s the beauty part: The kids are enjoying it & talking about it(she told her class at school all about it today when she wore her African necklace to school). So all I can say is that I hope the challenge stretches past a year and becomes less of a challenge and just a good habit.