Just a brief little update on our $30 Challenge. The classroom that got it all started is finished! Check out the pictures here  The kids were so excited to see my Twitter name,@cara19, on the wall of the classroom representing our donation. You can spot the @cara19 on the wall under the blue ‘This Classroom Built With Gratitude. Thank You:’ And though it shouldn’t be the only reason for looking at the pictures the kids were, well, stoked (for lack of a 21st century word) to see it in so many pictures. It’s gratifying for all of us to see the students working in the classroom.  Now we just have to get those books to Tanzania for the library (suggestions on shipping packages to Africa accepted & appreciated)…

In the meantime, there’s Tweetluck.  Another great way to help Mama Lucy’s school. And I also got to revel in what I hoped would come from our $30 challenge. I asked Carol Anne if she thought we should be Lucky People ($7.77 donation) or Lucky Stars ($7.77/month for a year). Initially, she liked the name Lucky Stars (seriously,what did I expect, asking a 7 year old?).  She thought the single donation of $7.77 would be good enough. For some reason, she thought the monthly commitment was a bit much.  I asked her how she’d feel if all we had to do was give-up eating out just *once* a month to participate as a Lucky Star. Can I tell you how much I love to see her brain at work? Her answer to that was to give-up 3 meals at restaurants and go for the monthly commitment! How did I get so *lucky* to have such a great kid? Consider it done! So we’re Lucky Stars. Officially (I already thought we were, but now it’s in writing).

How lucky are you? Go share your luck & love. http://www.tweetluck.org



P.S. I found out that Carol Anne’s reluctance to donate monthly was due to the fact that she thought it would come from our $30 monthly challenge budget. Once she found out we could participate and still do the monthly $30 Challenge, she was as they say in Texas hold ’em: all in.