'Wood Block' Prints from MFAH Creation Station

Okay, I took the kids down to the Museum District yesterday. We wanted to check out the creation station the Museum of Fine Arts was hosting. I basically left it there as far as planning went. I though we’d be in and out and home before rush hour even dreamed of starting. So we got down there about 11:30 am (no direct flights from The Woodlands to The Museum District. I mean, it *is* spring break…) Long story, short, we didn’t leave the area until almost 8:30 in the Post Meridian. I underestimated the stamina & just plain wonderfulness of my own children. We had the *most* fun! I’ll spare you the middling details (but if you want some leave me a comment or e-mail me). Pictures are below.  There are a lot them, I wasn’t feeling particularly in the mood to self-edit.

Though I will say one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a long time came from a conversation Carol Anne & I were having about art (all my art history & art education neurons were glowing & firing. Well, the ones not withered from lack of use or destroyed by pregnancy brain. But the other three were on fire!) Before I leave it where I leave it, please know that in ‘real life’ the conversation didn’t end where it does below. So here it goes, hoping you’ll find it as amusing as I did. Especially, after all this build-up. Since I’ve gone through the trouble of mentioning my art history/education background, I’d hate to come across as terribly irresponsible. 😉

We were talking about some of the things we saw, what we liked & didn’t like…and she says, “Mom, do you *get* art?” I said, “well, some yes & some no. And some I just like to look at whether I get it or not.” Carol Anne replies with, ‘Well, I don’t get a lot of it. I mean like when someone paints a banana dressed up as a pickle or something, I just don’t get *that*”