Granddaddy 2003 

Okay, here’s the thing: Apparently I’m not very good at naming my pieces. Clearly, I am uninspired in that department. I tend to call them what they are. If it’s called a Parallel Chain bracelet, that’s because it’s a bracelet and the weave I used is called Parallel Chain. I hesitate to give them fancy names, since I’m afraid I may be setting you up with preconceived notions. What if I named a bracelet Griselda, would you feel the same as if it were named Genevieve? But what if you know a Genevieve and she is the meanest priss you’ve ever come across…see my dilemma? So I just work in the generic. What are you here for a sweet name or a sweet bracelet? (But if you want help naming your baby, I maintain while Cara is lovely for a girl, I think it could work for a boy, too. Don’t be a sheeple, be a trailblazer!)

So what’s been hanging me up on introducing this bracelet is the name. I didn’t know what to call it. If I call it Granddaddy’s Ring Bracelet, not only is it a mouthful, it means nothing to you. (though it will shortly once we get through this) So I’m going to fallback on my tried & true (let’s ignore the fact that it’s boring, okay? Much appreciated.) Introducing the Wedding Ring Bracelet. At the very least you know what it is but here’s why I make it:

My maternal grandfather passed away in March of 2005. Like everyone else’s grandfather he was an original. He worked in the sulphur fields outside Beaumont, TX. He loved to play golf & fish. He was the man that told me it was ridiculous to assume men can’t sew or cook. He called me ‘Snake Hips’ growing up. And he wore a size 13 ring. People see the ring & ask if he was a big man. He was *maybe* 5 foot 3 inches in his boots. But he had his own way of filling a room. My Mom is his only daughter so, of course, she is now the owner of his wedding ring. She wanted to wear the ring, but clearly it would fit no finger & the ring on a chain idea was just kinda, well, meh. So I tried a few different versions of a bracelet (Mom’s the original bracelet stacker). None worked; due to design and execution flaws we’re actually quite lucky the ring wasn’t lost all together. Then in one of those, this-is-one-of-the-best-ideas-I’ve-ever-had-why-am-I-standing-in-this-shower-I-clearly-need-paper-and-a-writing-utensil-what-if-the-steam-clears-before-I-sketch-this-thing-I-just-drew-on-the-shower-door moments, this was born:


 Wedding Ring Bracelet

And I’ve been honoring grandfathers, husbands, great-grandparents and beautiful antique wedding rings found in a drawer or a flea market that just needed a home & a second chance to be admired ever since. So I could come up with a fancy name but chances are if you ask me about it I’ll blank & won’t know which bracelet you’re referring to. And then we’ll both have to live through an awkward conversation about is it the one that goes around your wrist with the little circles in a pattern, most of them are silver but it may have had a bit of gold. You’ll think I don’t know what I’m doing & I’ll be left thinking my work is so unmemorable that you can’t even remember what you want. So let’s try to avoid all that, okay? Plus if we wait on the fancy name, well, you wouldn’t have just finished reading about it now. 😉





Since all work on these bracelets is custom, please e-mail me to discuss details.

Looking forward to hearing from you either by comment or e-mail!