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trike-a-thonLittle bit of catch-up. Honestly, we took care of the last three months in the last week. We missed our March deadline looking for the perfect cause, nothing we ran into struck our fancy. April was strikingly similar.  So for May we had lump sum of $90 to spend on someone else.  Not a bad spot to be in.  All of the sudden in the last few days we found two great causes to support. 

At Patrick’s preschool, the four-year-old classes were taking part in St. Jude’s Trike-A-Thon.  Preschools around the country take part in the event that helps educate the children about bike safety while raising money to support St. Jude’s childhood disease research efforts. It was a unanimous vote for us to use our May funds to support Patrick’s ‘ride’.

We then stumbled upon a fund-raising effort by mystery writer Laurie R. King tied to the release of her book, The Language of Bees. By donating at least the equivalent of two beehives ($60) to Heifer International, you would receive among other things, a pot of honey from a Heifer International community. The kids were intrigued by tasting the honey & as luck would have it we had $60 to spend. So just like* that* in the span of a few days, we were back to caught up on our $30 challenge. Whew.

If you’ve read the $30 Challenge  entries here on the blog, you’ll know that one of our favorites is Epic Change.  We are huge fans of the work Epic Change is doing to support a growing school in Tanzania. Of course, I’m also a fan of being passionate about something and I love the passion Stacey Monk puts into her baby, Epic Change. Simply put: she’s brave & caring & inspiring. Okay, enough gushing (well, for now).  I love that I have the chance to share with you a way to help Epic Change win $10,ooo. The plan for the money is to build a technology lab for Mama Lucy’s school in Tanzania. So take a break from the facebook quizzes and use your clicking for good versus vapid.

Vote for Epic Change here: at their IdeaBlob entry or on the front page of Ideablob.  If you’ve never voted at the site, they will need you to register with an e-mail address so they can send out a registration confirmation, that way your vote will be counted. Voting ends on May 31st. I hope you’ll find a minute to support one of our favorite causes. Think of all the people that could benefit from your vote. Remind me how many benefit from learning your perfect New York City neighborhood or your five favorite anythings or your pirate/hippie/Star Trek name? Right. So scoot, go vote!


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A piece doesn’t always go neatly through the 4 phases. My friend Heather kept gently hinting that she needed a pair of earrings to wear to yoga. You know, the kind of earring that she could put on and forget about. The kind of earring that is not annoying during a belly-down savasana but looks great after class: cooled down, showered & possibly with a touch of make-up (sometimes the cosmetics part is just *too* much ofter class, you know).  So the idea had been percolating in the back of my mind. It was on my general jewelry to-do list, hanging out waiting for the muses to smile on it.  So about the 5th time (thank you for your patience, Heather 🙂 ) she mentioned it, she said: something, something, knot, kinda small, something, something.  When she said ‘knot’  the muses smiled, a light turned on in my head & I swear I heard a bell.  Since I was in the middle of  learning & becoming enamoured with the barrel weave, the stars aligned and within a few hours these came to life:

The Yoga Earring


So the next day, and here’s where I deviated from the 4 phases, I gave a pair to Heather for field testing.  *I* had not done all the things I do before I let other people wear my jewelry.  So I’d defined the 4 phases and then almost immediately deviated from them.  Yet in this case it worked like a dream ( I mean, really, the 4 phases aren’t set in stone). Heather put the earrings on then and not only wore them to yoga but slept in them and lived in them. I did the same thing and found them to be a near-perfect earring: practically weightless, look great with hair up or down (this really can be an issue, I promise), not annoying during yoga and just really pretty in a light, delicate way.  So this earring has affectionately been called The Yoga Earring not because they are particularly flexible or in tune with their breathing but because that’s what Heather would always say, “I need a yoga earring.” Feel free to wear them wherever you want. Feel free to try out a yoga class.  Feel free to thank me for both the earrings & your new love of yoga.  Namaste.

A side by side comparison picture of The Yoga Earring and Barrel Weave Earring:

 The Yoga Earring/Barrel Weave Earring  

The Yoga Earring

The Yoga Earring

A delicate single element of the barrel weave makes for the perfect go-anywhere-wear-with-anything-do-anything earring. You might want to keep a pair in your purse/car for those days when you get out of the house without accessorizing.  The earrings drop approximately 1″ from the earring wire.  All Sterling Silver. $35.

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