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A few months ago I was presented with the opportunity to design a charm bracelet for a friend’s daughter. Karen’s grandfather had been a jewelry-maker and a family favorite was a charm bracelet he had made from some coins. The bracelet was a beauty: a heavy chain bracelet absolutely dripping in coins. It looked and sounded lovely.  Karen wanted to have a bracelet made for her third-grade daughter using coins she & her husband had saved from a trip to one of the Caribbean islands (I admit, I forgot which one. Mea culpa.)

So first I made this bracelet to be the framework, so to speak, for the coins:

Charm Bracelet

And then I added the coins:

Charm Bracelet with Coins


I loved it. Even better, they loved it. So, I re-worked one of my own bracelets (an old Tiffany bracelet with the ‘Return to Tiffany’ charm removed and a Plumeria charm in its place) so that I could have one of these charm bracelets for myself.  ‘Cause I just couldn’t let it go without having one just for me. 😉

Charm Bracelet with Plumeria


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