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If you want to get all bean-counter-ish, my last post here was on June 5th. Before that I had been promising via Twitter & Facebook some pictures of some new pieces that I made using my newly acquired Precious Metal Clay (PMC) skills. That was back in May. Please hold while I blush.

Here’s the thing: shortly after I took the metal clay class, I got involved in a stand-off, a skirmish, if you will, with my camera and laptop. I took some lovely pictures of the new metal clay pieces, attempted to upload them to my computer for editing and disaster struck. My laptop refused to recognize my camera. Just like that. ¬†There had been no argument that I was aware of , no angry exchange of pixels. My laptop just decided Nikon drivers were drivera non grata. So I tried to mediate: I re-installed drivers. I started and re-started my computer over and over. I traversed the terrain of Nikon technical service. All to no avail. My laptop and camera were no longer speaking to each other.

So I pouted. I stamped my foot. I tossed my head and turned my back on them both. That’s where I left it: all of us backs turned on each other, flashing cold shoulders and determined not to give. Then my camera whispered to me: Hey, you could buy a new computer. I responded with a: Zip it, Camera! The camera slyly reminded me that the kids could use the old computer and I could get a new one & everything would work like a dream. Me: Camera, silence!

But the seed was planted. Just shortly under two months later here I am posting this from my new laptop. My new laptop and my old camera get on like gangbusters. Which means I have photos to edit & posts to blog. No more technical excuses (but did I mention the kids are out of school for the summer? They require lots of care, watering & feeding, you know). My old laptop will soon be punished for its uppity ways by spending lots of time at and drilling math facts.

As a tiny consolation for those of you that were actually waiting for this blog to actually update (Thanks, Mom!) here’s a couple of pics. Up first: a sampling of the metal clay pieces:

First try (fronts & backs):


First go at PMC, backs

Next, the army of ¬†The Yoga Earring samples I sent to BlogHer ’09 with Amy of MomSpark:

BlogHer '09 Samples

And one more metal clay piece, The Bee:

The Bee

All right, so just like that the blog is updated. Will you believe me if I say: See you soon!


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