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I am honored to announce that I have been invited to show my jewelry at the October First Friday at Lampros Gallery. The show will also feature the work of some local fiber artists. The show  is Friday, October 2nd at 7pm. Lampros Gallery is located at 26106 Oak Ridge Drive The Woodlands, TX 77380.

Am I excited? Yes. Nervous? Maybe a tad. Maybe more than a tad. So come by and say hello. There might even be a few new pieces that you haven’t seen yet…

Want to see the flyer? Here it is! October First Friday Flyer


*UPDATE* Great news! Remember the twins that I mentioned down there, in the orginal post? Well, Keith & Angela welcomed Athena Catherine & Luke James to the family on Tuesday, September 8, 2009. Scroll down for pics of the babies! Warning: They are *really* cute!



First & foremost, I’m not a Lance Armstrong fan. But I love my brother, Keith.

This is Keith and his wife, Angela

Keith & Angela at his medical school graduation

This is my Mom

Mom at the Louvre

You’re on your own for a Lance picture.

Mom’s been fighting ovarian cancer for almost 13 years (!!!). Keith has ridden for the last three years in the LIVESTRONG Challenge. The LIVESTRONG Challenge benefits the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The foundation strives to raise cancer awareness and funds to help inspire & empower those affected by cancer (it kills me to type his name it really, really does but I’ll get over it since it*is* for a good cause.).

Keith will be riding again this year in October: a 100-mile ride outside of Austin, TX. He’s put together a two-man team with his friend, Jonathan Chapelle. The team is named Osteofight (Keith & Chapelle met in medical school & are currently Orthopaedic Surgery residents {but will he look at his aging sister’s bum knee? No, he will not}). If you’re interested in riding with them, e-mail me & I’ll forward your information to Keith.

The kids & I will be donating our July, August and September $30 Challenge funds to the cause. And remember it’s not because I love Lance Armstrong but because we love my brother & my Mom. Plus we love Angela, Keith’s wife. This is important to add because when Keith goes to ride this year in Austin, he will be leaving his lovely wife and their newborn twins. Twins that will be two, maybe three weeks old. So go visit Keith’s Livestrong page and if you can, please make a donation to help Keith meet his fundraising goal. I’d love to see Keith make his goal both to honor my Mom & make it worth Angela’s (and those precious twins) while.

Thanks a million for your consideration. And thanks to me for temporarily suspending my dislike of that Lance Armstrong to write this post. Now scoot on over to Keith’s page & help him out. You’re a doll. But mostly, thank you. 🙂

Proud Dad

Keith and babies












Luke Yawning

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