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The 7th Annual Texas Yoga Championships is around the corner, November 8th will be here before we know it.  This year will also feature The Texas Fitness & Wellness Expo promoting all aspects of the health and wellness industry and supporting the well being of all of our neighbors across Texas.  (disclaimer: some portions of this blog will be borrowed from the promotional literature about the event. Now you know.)  Why am I telling you this? Studio 219 will be there.

Quit trying to make a link between jewelry & yoga. I *do* make The Yoga Earrings and I *do* practice Bikram Yoga and perhaps I have connections. No matter. Moving on…come on out and enjoy the day. Get a start on your Studio 219 holiday shopping.

The competition will be amazing to watch. The official description goes like this: The competition gives health and fitness enthusiasts the opportunity to learn more about yoga and see some of the top practitioners in the state showcase their talents. My two cents: a jaw dropping display of flexibility, strength (both the mental & the physical) and all around wow!

All the details are here at the official website.

Tickets for the event start at $10 for general admission (free admission for children under 12). VIP packages can also be purchased including premium seating, tickets to event parties, and gift bags (I’ll let you in on a little secret here the gift bags will include, among other fabulous offerings, a $20 gift certificate from Studio 219. I mean, really what further incentive do you need?)

Questions? Need tickets? Want to RSVP with me so I’ll know to look for you? email me:


Feast your eyes on two of my newer pendants. I’m loving the go-with-everything, simple charm of these.

The Initial Pendant is my variation on the ubiquitous letter charm. Incidentally, it’s also the first pendant I made after I took my introductory Art Clay class. It goes without saying that I will make this for you in the letter of your choice. you don’t have to wear a ‘C’ just because I do.  (Please tell me my reference to first=initial wasn’t lost on you. I mean it made sense, right?) There’s the potential here to accent with a birthstone instead of a pearl, too. (if your birthday’s in June: two birds, one stone. [One pearl.]) Or you could have your kids’ birthstones or well, I could go on here forever. One day y’all will pick up on the fact that our possiblites are endless to make any of this jewelry *yours*.

The Initial Pendant is made of Fine Silver, accented with a freshwater Pearl & strung on a 16″ Sterling Silver bead chain. $40.

Initial Pendant

Back of Initial Pendant










How can you not love a bee? ( Life threatening allergies aside, of course.) The industrious, helpful, flower loving bee.  Historically, a symbol of immortality, rebirth and overcoming obstacles (you know the whole it-should-be-impossible-for-a-bee-to-fly-since-he’s-not-very-aerodynamic-and-his-wings-are-too-small-for-that-body-yet-he-does-it-in-spite-of-the-science thing). And the next time one flies into your house, before you shoo him outdoors, keep in mind he just might be there to let you know that luck is buzzing your way. Or string your luck around your neck and take it with you everywhere you go.

The Bee is made of Fine Silver, accented with a Freshwater Pearl & strung on a 30″ Sterling Silver bead chain. $55.

The Bee Pendant

Back of The Bee Pendant                                                                                                                                                                          

Here’s an excellent compendium of bee facts. I *heart* a good compendium.

Everyone’s doing it. It’s all the rage. Fan pages on Facebook. Studio 219 now has one. And I’d love to see you there. We can chat, I’ll be posting events, links when new posts are posted (surely there is a better way to say that? When a new blog is posted? Someone set me straight).  You can add pictures, the idea being pictures of Studio 219 jewelry out & about, in the wild. Not your latest pictures from the state fair. Unless we can get a good look at your Yoga Earrings while you’re downing the deep-fried butter.

So come on over, be a fan of Studio 219. It’ll change your life and bring about world peace. Potentially. But we won’t know for sure unless we try. 😉

P.S. I understand that there is a way to add a ‘badge’ to this blog to alert people to this fan page business. I can’t get it to work. If you can provide the technical assistance, send me a message on Facebook (ha!) or e-mail me:

It’s true: You Are Unlimited. We all are but sometimes we forget. Or we stop believing it.

I saw this phrase on the tag of a tea bag (Yogi Tea Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life, if you’re looking for the details) and it’s been stuck in my brain looking for somewhere to land. So I embedded it in a Fine Silver pendant sprinkled stars on the back and dangled a pretty, pretty pearl as an accent. Why a pearl, you might be asking yourself? A pearl because a pearl is born of irritation. Irritation transformed into something we value as beautiful. See where I’m going with this? We all have our irritations/annoyances/turns of bad luck that have moved us along on our path to something beautiful. It happens when we honor our unlimitedness and find ways to feed it so we can get through the ups & downs that we are bound to encounter as we live our lives.

Need some a bit of guidance on nurturing yourself so you can feel unlimited? Fred Krazeise of Empowered & Fit offers these ideas for taking care of yourself (It simply must be done. Take care of you so you can take care of whoever or whatever else you have to take care of.)

You Are Unlimited Pendant





The You Are Unlimited pendant is made of Fine Silver with a Freshwater Pearl and comes on a 16″ black satin cord. The pendant is a 1.25″ oval, the pearl adds about half an inch. $55.

As per usual, want a different length or style of chain? Want your personal words to live by on a pendant? E-mail me at or leave me a comment

Metal Clay Pendants

I like this picture. It bears further discussion/explanation but for now you get the picture. It’s from the show at Lampros Gallery the other night and I might share some others, in due time. My friend Scott (@scottk75 for the Twitter-friendly among you) stopped by with his two sweet little girls & his camera. (His wife was out bringing home the bacon. [Hi, Nadine!]) He took some pictures for me, but I love this one & its representative of the metal clay stuff I’ve been making lately. By the way, things will be making a turn toward the interesting as I’ve decided to take classes to get certified to teach metal clay classes. Fabulous & exciting for me.  (An aside: I’ve been using the word ‘fabulous’ a lot lately. I hope I don’t end up with a reality show on Bravo or something).

So we have plenty to discuss later: new jewelry & hopefully, a teaching schedule. For now, enjoy this little bit of Studio 219 heaven.

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