Metal Clay Pendants

I like this picture. It bears further discussion/explanation but for now you get the picture. It’s from the show at Lampros Gallery the other night and I might share some others, in due time. My friend Scott (@scottk75 for the Twitter-friendly among you) stopped by with his two sweet little girls & his camera. (His wife was out bringing home the bacon. [Hi, Nadine!]) He took some pictures for me, but I love this one & its representative of the metal clay stuff I’ve been making lately. By the way, things will be making a turn toward the interesting as I’ve decided to take classes to get certified to teach metal clay classes. Fabulous & exciting for me.  (An aside: I’ve been using the word ‘fabulous’ a lot lately. I hope I don’t end up with a reality show on Bravo or something).

So we have plenty to discuss later: new jewelry & hopefully, a teaching schedule. For now, enjoy this little bit of Studio 219 heaven.