The 7th Annual Texas Yoga Championships is around the corner, November 8th will be here before we know it.  This year will also feature The Texas Fitness & Wellness Expo promoting all aspects of the health and wellness industry and supporting the well being of all of our neighbors across Texas.  (disclaimer: some portions of this blog will be borrowed from the promotional literature about the event. Now you know.)  Why am I telling you this? Studio 219 will be there.

Quit trying to make a link between jewelry & yoga. I *do* make The Yoga Earrings and I *do* practice Bikram Yoga and perhaps I have connections. No matter. Moving on…come on out and enjoy the day. Get a start on your Studio 219 holiday shopping.

The competition will be amazing to watch. The official description goes like this: The competition gives health and fitness enthusiasts the opportunity to learn more about yoga and see some of the top practitioners in the state showcase their talents. My two cents: a jaw dropping display of flexibility, strength (both the mental & the physical) and all around wow!

All the details are here at the official website.

Tickets for the event start at $10 for general admission (free admission for children under 12). VIP packages can also be purchased including premium seating, tickets to event parties, and gift bags (I’ll let you in on a little secret here the gift bags will include, among other fabulous offerings, a $20 gift certificate from Studio 219. I mean, really what further incentive do you need?)

Questions? Need tickets? Want to RSVP with me so I’ll know to look for you? email me: