So I just got a BlackBerry Bold (RIP Curve). WordPress has a BlackBerry app. This post is an attempt to use said app to post. So let me share with you a necklace that I made this weekend that I’m afraid to say I’ll never be able to duplicate!

The first picture is the front. I love the little cracking/missing piece at the bottom, which of course I’ll never be able to do again. Part two of why-I’ll-never-be-able-to-make-this-necklace-again is that I bought the chain on closeout from Rio Grande years ago. Hmmm. The second picture is an attempt to show the texture on the back.

This pendant was the first one I’ve tried with that round bezel around it, so I look at it & see beaucoup de errors. So the pendant along with this posting from the BlackBerry is an exercise in trying something new and then figuring out how to do it better. On that note I’m going to add the pictures (also taken with the BB) then try to publish this thing. Since blogging fom my phone is important because…