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I know, Mother’s Day was weeks ago. Here’s one justification on that: to me, Mother’s Day should be celebrated the day your children were born. That’s when you become a mother. Generalizing to the second Sunday in May makes everything neat & tidy but for me it feels forced. I tear up about being mother when the minute hand hits the time of birth on my kids’ birth days. For some people, it’s the day they found out they were pregnant or that the adoption was *finally* going through. True Mother’s Days are deeply personal and can’t be dictated by Hallmark. Plus…

Justification, Part 2. Not all of the things we mother are our children. We mother puppies and horses and our friends and our ideas. We mother other people’s children as teachers, nurses, coaches, doctors, friends, aunts, step-mothers, neighbors, et al.   Or maybe you’re grateful every day for the time you have/had with your mother. This mothering business is not always clearly defined or as black and white as a birth certificate. And…

Justification, Part 3. I love my kids. But I’m not such a fan of letter blocks and Swarovski crystals. Sorry. There are some beautiful Mother’s bracelets out there but they just don’t *speak* to me. I’d try them on and they might have fit my wrist but they didn’t fit me. So…

I was teaching myself the full Persian weave a few weeks ago. Lovely weave. Lots of potential. Thin & ropy for necklaces, chunky & weighty for bracelets. Or chunky & weighty for necklaces, thin & ropy for bracelets. Like I said: potential. Then my sister had her baby. So..

The charms are (from left to right): Emerald, Citrine, Citrine. Or May (new baby 2010), November (Baby Boy 2000), November (Baby Girl 1999).  A bracelet conceived from a traditional need to celebrate motherhood. But that can be worn and given in appreciation of any of the ways Mothers, in all their myriad of incarnations, touch our lives. And my take on the Mother’s Bracelet was born.

details: Mother’s Bracelet: Full Persian weave in Sterling Silver, all gemstone charms. $185.00


Just thought I’d share with those of you that don’t live in The Woodlands. Or the Cy-Fair area. I was written up in a local magazine, The Woodlands Lifestyles & Homes. It turned out smashing, if I do say so myself. Here’s the link to the article. Once you get to the magazine, go to Content (upper left) and click on ‘Interview with an Artisan’. Then, let me know what you think.

P.S. I’m working on editing a couple of pictures to share a new bracelet with you. If you ‘like’ Studio 219 on Facebook, you know that procrastination completely took over when I tried to post the new bracelet last week. {sigh} Story of my life.

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