Well. It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. And it is *so* difficult, I can see why I’ve been putting it off.  Let’s quickly move through the courtesies: I hope everyone has been well. I’m glad the weather’s warming up, I’m terrible at winter. Let’s now skate past the excuses: I went through yoga teacher training last fall and absolutely did NOT plan for how that would turn my schedule upside down. And now, what we’re here for…

Some of you may have seen my new leather/gemstone wrap bracelets on the Facebook page. I’ve been wearing mine now for a couple of weeks. So I’ve pinpointed a couple of design/fabrication things to tighten up. I only have one big problem with the bracelet: I keep leaving it all over the place. As you may know I wear a lot of bracelets. All the time. If I had a dime for every time some one asked me if I practice/teach yoga/shower/sleep/relax on Sundays in all those bracelets (yes!), there’s a house in Hawaii that’d have my name on it! But those are all sterling bracelets. This foundation of this one is leather. When leather gets wet it tends to stretch. So, I’ve been taking it off for to practice and to teach and to shower. Therefore, I find it in the car or the pocket of my jeans or on the counter or in the deep dark recesses of my yoga bag. Other than that I love it! You can see it mixes in lovely with silver.

Here’s where I need your help. I need to practice making more of these, the ‘sewing’ part is rather new to me. I could also use some practice getting the dimensions and other design details ironed out. The buttons are good, but I could be better, neater, cleaner with those. So rather than make another 10 for me, I’m giving you the opportunity to buy-in to my first 10 of these wrap bracelets. Once I get the making of the bracelets streamlined, they will sell for $85. For the first 10, I’ll be offering them at $65. Not only will you get a discount but you’ll be among the very first to own one of these lovelies. Trade-off: your button might be a tad off-center, there may be a bead that needs to be coaxed back into place every so often, or some other minor, minor imperfection.

Right now, I’m planning on making the ruby quartz/black version (as seen here), an onyx/black and a smoky quartz/brown. There *is* the possibility I could be talked into taking requests. The button I’ve worked on so far is the ‘Tree of Life’ (again, as seen here). I haven’t decided what or if there will be other options. When you sign on to help me out here, you’ll be in on this bracelet as the details get hammered out. We’ll definitely be in touch via email and the Facebook page. And I may ask you for your feedback after you’ve worn the bracelet out & about.

Interested? Email me at info@studio219designs.com (Over to the left there’s a ‘click here to drop me a line or two’ that works too; this is one of those it all ends up in the same place deals)

In other news, I still have a few bracelets (and earrings and necklaces) that I’ve made over the last few months to share with you, so be on the look out for that. And well, I’m going to have to address the skyrocketing silver market and how that may impact us all here. The charts on the rising price of silver are making me dizzy! But trust me, if that’s our biggest problem, we’ll survive. 🙂

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!