Once upon a time, Patty came across 5 gorgeous, organic beads at the Houston Quilt show. She held on to them wondering what to do with them. Then she met me. Patty gave me the beads. I held onto them waiting for just the right idea for them. Finally, two of the beads recently found a home:

I have to admit it took me *quite* a while to get this one made. The rings for the chains were teensy-tiny. Tiny. Very, very small. This is how it all started:

A lot of tiny rings turned into two tiny chains. I (or my eyes) needed a few more breaks when working on these tiny chains (though I do LOVE them when they’re finished!). I’m *so* thankful that Patty is a patient woman. First, I’m going to go fix a small problem I found when photographing the bracelet. Then, we’re meeting at Chuy’s so I can deliver the bracelet. Next, we work on a necklace for the remaining three beads. See y’all again soon…