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Hi, y’all! Guess what I did the other day? Installed WordPress on my domain. Or something. I probably just used the wrong vocabulary. Keep reading and I think things will clear up…

Here’s the deal: In light of the events of 2012, I’m not going to be participating in any holiday shows. Let me back up a little further: on March 3rd of this year, my Dad suffered a major stroke. Life changing for all of us. I’ve been busy helping my parents out with his treatment/rehab in addition to my Mom’s treatment for her metastatic ovarian cancer. Everyone is doing pretty well, Dad’s working very hard at getting his speech and mobility back. Mom’s keeping on with her chemo treatments to keep the cancer status quo even though it takes quite a toll on her physically.

Needless to say, Studio 219 has gotten a tad neglected during this time. I wanted to participate in a few holiday shows but with everything else on my plate, it’s turned out to be a more stressful plan than a fun one. Not to say that planning for shows isn’t typically stressful but this year, it’s adding stress to stress and I’ve got to let it go. Here’s a typical scenario that happens around here when I get overwhelmed and/or caught up in what I *should* be doing: I think I should be working on learning to build my website. Then I also realize I should be making jewelry for shows. Then I notice that a ‘Law & Order: Criminal Intent’ marathon is on.  At that point, Goran & Eames (who expect nothing out of me except my slack-jawed, undivided attention) win.

So, back to the WordPress announcement. I’ve decided that instead of prepping for holidays shows, I’m going to use that time to finally (!!!) work, in earnest, on my website. I’ve made some half-hearted attempts over the past couple of years but now I’m working through a websites for artists online course & I’m starting to actually feel like I can make it happen. It’s going to be a lot of work (learning WordPress, re-take pictures, etc.) but oh-so-worth it!

I’m also building my contacts database. Seriously. Y’all, I exported all my contacts out of my phone, cleaned up the excel spreadsheet, lined up the field mapping, then imported the remaining contacts into a database to make a Studio 219 contact database. I know! It sounds very impressive, doesn’t it?

Also, I’m planning a newsletter (featuring my work & the work of my artist friends & maybe artsy-crafty things going on around here).

In other words, Studio 219 is taking the fall/winter to hibernate and rebuild. So quiet, behind-the-scenes things will be happening.  Be on the look out for: sneak peeks of new photos of old favorites as I work through re-taking pictures; requests to be added to my brand-spanking-new contacts database; a sign-up to opt-in for that newsletter.

Of course, of course, of course, Studio 219 is still available for your holiday gift-giving needs.  I’ve added a contact form at the end of this post you can use to get in touch. Or visit my Facebook page and say hello over there.

Before I go, here’s a sneak peek of one of the design challenges I’ve been working on:

Here’s the contact form I promised you:


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