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The first design challenge was symmetry, so it makes perfect sense that the second one was asymmetry. I decided to make a shorter necklace this time (and earrings to match [well, not so much match as coordinate. I’m not a huge fan of matchy-matchy. And besides the earrings could easily be worn independently of the necklace.]) So here we go…

Symmetrical design can be easy because you design both sides simultaneously  if you like something, you just add it to the other side and next thing you know, you’re done!  Asymmetrical design can be a bit trickier; it’s requires a bit more moving around, trial & error, the abandoning of what seemed like a great idea in theory but, in practice, wears like a nightmare.

After all the wrangling and rearranging, here’s where I ended up:

That’s a lock I found at an antique mall (I wish I’d thought to tie the key to it like that but it came that way & I loved it too much to change it. Serendipity.).

I found the keys at the Texas Art Asylum.

I used the steel wire again plus a little bit of copper along with moonstones and black tourmaline.

For the clasp, I used the ring the keys came on when I bought them and fashioned a hook out of copper wire.

A look at the earrings:

So that’s my go at asymmetrical design.  Let me know what you think!

Next up: texture.


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