Hi, my name is Cara. I have been dabbling in jewelry making for more years than I care to add up…plus, I’m not really a numbers girl.  Some of my earliest ventures into jewelry making involved vintage buttons, safety pins & lots of hot glue. Often, these little concotions were whipped up the night before school, to ensure they matched my outfit. I’m betting this synergy of clothing and accessory led to my best-dressed award back in high school.

Over the years, I’ve learned a bit more about wielding pliers & torches. In fact, if I hadn’t been a fifth-year Art History student when I took my first metals & jewelry class and under strong ‘advice’ from my father (or corporate sponsor) I might have travelled a different path.  So, now here I am with two great children (and all that goes along with that) and passion for turning little rings into beautiful adornments. And maybe a wish for a few more hours in the day. Or better time management skills. Whatever.


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