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It’s a quarter to one. In the morning. I’ve got a lot on my plate this summer. Early in the summer (don’t even get me started on how the summer has flown by) I decided I had PLENTY of time to take on the kids being home, teaching some kids yoga classes in addition to my normal yoga teaching and practicing, plus take an (awesome) earring class AND a (wonderful) business building course designed specifically for artists. Piece of cake, right? sigh.

True confession: I’m behind on EVERYTHING. And I felt it tonight. Or last night rather, right before it turned into this morning.  I listened to Module 3 of the business class (even though we’re technically on Module 4 but now I’m only ONE lesson behind). Let me say Tonya’s class is SO full of an incredible amount of useful information. Which is precisely my problem. After I listened to the class: I immediately went to where I always go mindset-wise: I’ll NEVER catch up; it’s too much; why oh why am I doing this, et cetera, ad nauseum. At the end of every class Tonya reminds us to GO TAKE ACTION. So I did. I quit whining and made a mind map for all my major projects; that way I can actually see what needs to be done and TAKE ACTION. And then I went and made something (well, sort of).

A major component of the earring class is drawing a bead on wire. (for those of you that don’t make jewelry: you heat the end of a wire up until it just about melts, the metal draws up into a bead. Please hold & I’ll show you what I mean). So I cut lengths of sterling silver, copper and bronze wire. Turned on the torch and trial & error’d my way into feeling proficient at drawing a bead on all three types of wire.

These may look like little burnt sticks. They are, in fact,  full of the potential to turn into the hoops (and a few other types of earrings) you may have seen in this post.  See those little tiny balls on the ends of the wires? That’s what I was practicing. I’ve got to say, I’m not nervous about that particular task anymore.

I don’t know why it’s so hard for this procrastinator to realize that just taking even the tiniest bit of action makes me feel better and not so overwhelmed. And now I have lots of earrings to work on. And I’m feeling rather full of myself; I’m even thinking I might LIKE this take action stuff. I certainly feel better about a whole mess of things than I did a few hours ago. With that, I’m off to sleep, I’m going to take a yoga class in the early morning. I feel SO productive (what a fabulous feeling to end the day)!  😉

Sweet dreams!


Everyone’s doing it. It’s all the rage. Fan pages on Facebook. Studio 219 now has one. And I’d love to see you there. We can chat, I’ll be posting events, links when new posts are posted (surely there is a better way to say that? When a new blog is posted? Someone set me straight).  You can add pictures, the idea being pictures of Studio 219 jewelry out & about, in the wild. Not your latest pictures from the state fair. Unless we can get a good look at your Yoga Earrings while you’re downing the deep-fried butter.

So come on over, be a fan of Studio 219. It’ll change your life and bring about world peace. Potentially. But we won’t know for sure unless we try. 😉

P.S. I understand that there is a way to add a ‘badge’ to this blog to alert people to this fan page business. I can’t get it to work. If you can provide the technical assistance, send me a message on Facebook (ha!) or e-mail me:

Final Logo

I am honored to announce that I have been invited to show my jewelry at the October First Friday at Lampros Gallery. The show will also feature the work of some local fiber artists. The show  is Friday, October 2nd at 7pm. Lampros Gallery is located at 26106 Oak Ridge Drive The Woodlands, TX 77380.

Am I excited? Yes. Nervous? Maybe a tad. Maybe more than a tad. So come by and say hello. There might even be a few new pieces that you haven’t seen yet…

Want to see the flyer? Here it is! October First Friday Flyer

If you want to get all bean-counter-ish, my last post here was on June 5th. Before that I had been promising via Twitter & Facebook some pictures of some new pieces that I made using my newly acquired Precious Metal Clay (PMC) skills. That was back in May. Please hold while I blush.

Here’s the thing: shortly after I took the metal clay class, I got involved in a stand-off, a skirmish, if you will, with my camera and laptop. I took some lovely pictures of the new metal clay pieces, attempted to upload them to my computer for editing and disaster struck. My laptop refused to recognize my camera. Just like that.  There had been no argument that I was aware of , no angry exchange of pixels. My laptop just decided Nikon drivers were drivera non grata. So I tried to mediate: I re-installed drivers. I started and re-started my computer over and over. I traversed the terrain of Nikon technical service. All to no avail. My laptop and camera were no longer speaking to each other.

So I pouted. I stamped my foot. I tossed my head and turned my back on them both. That’s where I left it: all of us backs turned on each other, flashing cold shoulders and determined not to give. Then my camera whispered to me: Hey, you could buy a new computer. I responded with a: Zip it, Camera! The camera slyly reminded me that the kids could use the old computer and I could get a new one & everything would work like a dream. Me: Camera, silence!

But the seed was planted. Just shortly under two months later here I am posting this from my new laptop. My new laptop and my old camera get on like gangbusters. Which means I have photos to edit & posts to blog. No more technical excuses (but did I mention the kids are out of school for the summer? They require lots of care, watering & feeding, you know). My old laptop will soon be punished for its uppity ways by spending lots of time at and drilling math facts.

As a tiny consolation for those of you that were actually waiting for this blog to actually update (Thanks, Mom!) here’s a couple of pics. Up first: a sampling of the metal clay pieces:

First try (fronts & backs):


First go at PMC, backs

Next, the army of  The Yoga Earring samples I sent to BlogHer ’09 with Amy of MomSpark:

BlogHer '09 Samples

And one more metal clay piece, The Bee:

The Bee

All right, so just like that the blog is updated. Will you believe me if I say: See you soon!

'Wood Block' Prints from MFAH Creation Station

Okay, I took the kids down to the Museum District yesterday. We wanted to check out the creation station the Museum of Fine Arts was hosting. I basically left it there as far as planning went. I though we’d be in and out and home before rush hour even dreamed of starting. So we got down there about 11:30 am (no direct flights from The Woodlands to The Museum District. I mean, it *is* spring break…) Long story, short, we didn’t leave the area until almost 8:30 in the Post Meridian. I underestimated the stamina & just plain wonderfulness of my own children. We had the *most* fun! I’ll spare you the middling details (but if you want some leave me a comment or e-mail me). Pictures are below.  There are a lot them, I wasn’t feeling particularly in the mood to self-edit.

Though I will say one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a long time came from a conversation Carol Anne & I were having about art (all my art history & art education neurons were glowing & firing. Well, the ones not withered from lack of use or destroyed by pregnancy brain. But the other three were on fire!) Before I leave it where I leave it, please know that in ‘real life’ the conversation didn’t end where it does below. So here it goes, hoping you’ll find it as amusing as I did. Especially, after all this build-up. Since I’ve gone through the trouble of mentioning my art history/education background, I’d hate to come across as terribly irresponsible. 😉

We were talking about some of the things we saw, what we liked & didn’t like…and she says, “Mom, do you *get* art?” I said, “well, some yes & some no. And some I just like to look at whether I get it or not.” Carol Anne replies with, ‘Well, I don’t get a lot of it. I mean like when someone paints a banana dressed up as a pickle or something, I just don’t get *that*” 

My  blog has been bugging me lately. It clearly needs to be updated more than once a month. That in & of itself was causing me to overthink, overanalyze and over-just-not-do-anything. So I’m breaking my fast with the silly, irrelevant 25 random things note that has made the Facebook rounds. Effectively killing two birds with one stone: quieting my friends on Facebook that have nothing better to do than wonder about me (tag me again & you will suffer) and make me address my blog again (even if I apparently show it no respect).

1. Salmonella be damned, I *heart* peanut butter.

2. Not a fan of chocolate. Unless it is wrapping its smooth arms around peanut butter.

3. I’ve felt virtuous since I started putting spinach on my sandwiches instead of plain ol’ iceberg lettuce.

4. I vary rarely deviate from red nail polish when getting a pedicure. When I do, I find myself counting the days until it is acceptable to go get another pedicure (10-14 days, in case you’re wondering).

5. That being said, I have a collection of red nail polishes that are mere shades apart in hue, yet seasons apart in wearbility.

6. I don’t believe in the yellow Ferrari or his cousin the yellow Lotus. If you are going to spend six figures on something the color of a school bus or sandwich condiment, I can’t see you.

7.  I happen to know that the word avocado has it’s roots in the Aztec word for testicle. And as also been referred to as the alligator pear. Enjoy your guacamole.

8. I don’t believe there is anything natural about High Fructose Corn Syrup. Suck it, Corn Refiners Association.

9. Social settings sometimes make me nervous. If I’m not talking, I’m deciding when a good time to join in is. I’d hate to underwhelm you.

10. I’m on a life-long quest to find the perfect fountain pen.

11. I *love* to get mail.

12. I’d love to organize or take part in some sort of postcard sending and/or handwritten letter exchange.  Seriously, don’t you love to see your name handwritten on an envelope?

13. Sometimes wish I was a librarian. Just to get my book, organizing and research fix.

14. I  do not like Dave Matthews, coffee or Jim Carrey.

15. I do like Matt Costa, vanilla rooibos lattes & The Kids in the Hall.

16. I  think napping is a worthwhile activitiy, even, maybe especially, for those over the age of 3.

17. Love these flowers: poppies, anemones & peonies.

18. I’m suspicious of the aging process. If yoga doesn’t help, I hope I realize it before the surgery options are off the table.  Well, not really. I just plan to be over my suspicions by then.

19. My half-birthday is February 19th.

20. The butter sugar sandwich is the only reason white bread should exist. Though I can’t remember the last time I actually ate this tasty sandwich, it lives in nostalgia for me. My sister & I swear my Dad would make these for us when Mom wasn’t around. Then we would secretly make them in the middle of the night, only to be busted in the morning when Mom stepped in the tell-tale sugar dunes we left on the kitchen floor. Good times.

21. I love, love, love Clinique’s Black Honey. The correct nomenclature is Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. See technically, I don’t put lipstick, per say, on before yoga. It’s *almost* lipstick. (I am convinced it is the *only* universally flattering lipstick shade out there. I don’t care what the magazines try to sell you.)

22. I’m not good at keeping plants alive.  My children don’t know how lucky they are to have made it to 7 & 4.5.

23. When I like something, music, food,etc. I want it over & over until I’m tired of it or go back to one of my old favorites. See: Chipotle, Old 97’s

24.  I re-read books. Sometimes I devote the whole summer to visiting old favorites: Gone With the Wind, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, the Harry Potter series (hope to get the kids in on this one soon), The Outsiders, etc. It is interesting to me that when I was 16 I loved Scarlett O’Hara; in my twenties, she was okay but her selfishness grated, now I love Melanie.

25. I don’t like movie adaptations of books. My imagination is fine, thank you.  I’ll decide how the characters look & sounds and what places, like the inside of houses, look like. If I like a book, it is highly unlikely I will watch the movie, so don’t even ask.

(Did my blog just jump the shark? Is the blog/facebook tie-in like the Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice crossover? ‘Cause I totally ignored that.)

Now, back to deciding how to best describe the bracelets I make from old wedding rings (first one I made was for my Mom with her Dad’s ring) and to figuring out how to explain my version of  the mother’s bracelet (so you have to have one).  And to working on the bracelet for Lend4Health.  And to deciding if I’m going to subject y’all to a weekly series based on my personal boycotts. (And that’s just what I came up with without consulting my to-do lists.) See,  I really *do* have work to do.

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