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Last year at this time Studio 219 was but a tiny ember in the back of my mind. And now here we are celebrating our first Valentine’s Day. In honor of such an occasion I’ve designed a new pair of earrings: Handmade for 2009 Heart Earrings. In conducting my informal market research today at the yoga studio, the preschool parking lot & with my soon-to-be 7 year old. I’ve learned a few things: they’re pretty. some people are heart people & some are not. some people love to wear hearts all year round. others like to save them for special occasions. everyone loves handmade.

A little bit about these little charmers…The hearts are made of fine silver. I’ve fused and hammered and shaped and tumbled and patina’d them to get them where they are now. And may I say I love the fusing process. While it is not servicable for all your jewelry needs…it is a lot of fun and a fast way to get to the making of something without all the prep & clean up of soldering. That being said, soldering can be great, too. Glad I now know how to do both.  Everything else is connected with sterling silver wire; the pearls are freshwater. 

I’d love to play you some nice background music and extemporate on the value of love and having an open heart. However, Jayne Seymour & Kay Jewelers ruined that for us all, didn’t they? If you want to chat about that or what I think her Open Hearts design looks like, send me an e-mail.

So show the love for Studio 219, yourself, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a lover, a stranger ( I think you see where I’m going with this).  This Valentine’s consider going handmade. It’ll look like you love them more. 😉 Okay, okay love is not a contest. But it *will* look like to tried really hard this year and didn’t just cop out and do the Hallmark-for-the card/grocery-store-for-the-roses run on the way home from work. It’s early.  You have plenty of time to plan ahead and not end up at the mall. You can do it. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you. 😉


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